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A Way Back into Love Cover Reveal by Veronica Thatcher

Title: A Way Back into Love
Author: Veronica Thatcher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Notion Press
Expected Release Date: Feb. 15th, 2017
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Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes, uncertain. People, irrational. But love…well, that makes everything complicated. And when you are caught in a tangled web of secrets, lies, and complex affairs, someone is bound to get burned.
Emily Stevens is a spunky, spirited college girl whose life gets turned upside-down when she realizes she's in love with her best friend of fifteen years, Derek Thorpe. As Emily prepares to confess her feelings to Derek, something happens one night which changes her life forever. Five years later, Emily finds herself in Boston, alone and heartbroken. Will she ever be able to forget the past? And what will she find when she returns the man she left behind?
Veronica Thatcher is an exciting new contemporary romance author. Ever since she was very young, she’s dreamed of becoming a doctor when she grew up. While still forging ahead with that, majoring in pre-med in college, she unwittingly stumbled upon a new dream—becoming a published author. Some may call her an introvert or a wallflower, but she has always found she could express herself better in written, rather than spoken, words. However, never in her wildest dreams had she envisioned she would pursue writing as a prospective career, not just a hobby. Her love for writing goes hand-in-hand with her love for a good romance novel—whether it be a feel-good, sweet romance or a dark, suspenseful one. When she’s not studying, reading, or writing, she is usually found blasting her favourite songs, sometimes singing and dancing along to them.  She dabbles in a number of activities, including painting, karate, singing and dancing. She is a huge chocoholic – probably the biggest – and she is an ice-cream junkie too. She considers herself technologically handicapped forever and has no shame in admitting that. She also deems chocolates her boyfriend, Patrick Dempsey the love of her life, and Friends her life!
Her first book, A Way Back Into Love, is slated for release in February 2017, and she hopes readers will enjoy it as much as she enjoyed writing it. You can reach Veronica through Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad and Gmail.
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Emily stepped back from him and shook her head. “Oh, you know damn well what I mean. You know what, Derek? I’m done having this conversation with you. I’m so done with this conversation and I’m so done with you,” Emily spat out angrily before brushing past him.
“Emily, wait,” Derek said, catching her by her arm. “Where are you going?”
Emily spun around and gave him a bitter look before looking down at his hand gripping her arm. “Leave my arm,” she said in a low yet threatening voice, “And why do you care where I’m going? It’s none of your business.”
Derek didn’t leave her arm in spite of her warning and said, “Em, you’ve had too many drinks. You can’t drive in this condition. I’ll drop you home.”
Emily jerked her arm free from his grasp and replied in a bitter voice, “Thank you, but no. I’m perfectly capable of getting myself home on my own. I don’t need you to drop me home. Do you get it, Derek Thorpe? I DON’T NEED YOU!” Emily yelled the last words, causing a few people to look their way.

A Woman So Bold by L.S. Young

A Woman So Bold
By LS Young
Genre: Historical Romance

Twenty-year-old Landra Andrews is as brazen and unique as her first name. Although educated and well-connected, she is trapped by a dark secret from her past. She fears the rest of her life will be decidedly prosaic, until a dashing young man inherits a neighboring farm and sweeps her off her feet.
William Cavendish is a second son from an old Southern family. A gentleman in conduct and an artist at heart, he has sown his wild oats in the years he spent abroad and is ready to settle down. He is taken with well-spoken, headstrong Landra from their first meeting, and his heart for her only grows.
William seems to be everything Landra has dreamed of but never dared to believe she could have—handsome, kind, and well-bred—but when they are wed, she soon finds herself in all-too-familiar surroundings, toiling once more against land that won’t yield. Her restless spirit and iron will rebel against her discontent, and when a lover from her youth returns, she finds herself torn between two very different men. Will the mistakes of her past destroy her hope for the future?

The man riding up the drive this time was no one I recognized, and I knew everyone in Willowbend. He was young, and he rode a dapple-gray mare with hints of ginger in her mane and tail. The breathtaking animal had all the aloof grace of a well-bred aristocrat, her tail and ears held high. A slim hunting dog trotted obediently at her heels.
The spectacle was such a contrast to the former one of Mr.Buckley and his plodding, drop-eared nag that I stood for a moment as one paralyzed. Once he had dismounted, the rider spoke to the mare with obvious affection, patting her neck and clucking to her until she nickered at him. His canine companion loped about the yard, sniffing unseen trails, then jumped to attention and ran to his side when he
called, “Pharaoh, come!”
It's not anyone we know,I murmured, for Colleen's benefit, mounting the front steps. Her eyes were weak. “It’s a gentleman by the looks of him.”
Goodness! she hissed, And I look like common white trash! Landra, invite him in and make my apologies while I change.”
She snatched up Ezra, who had run to her, but he struggled, wailing, so she put him down and rushed inside.
The screen door snapped shut behind her on its tight spring as I gathered Ezra into my arms. I stared after her, aghast that she had left me to meet a strange man without an introduction. Finally, I drew myself up and turned to face him, remaining on the porch.
Having fastened the mare to the hitching post, the man was approaching. I saw that he wore a gray slouch hat, a khaki frock coat with a white shirt beneath it, and brown, brushed cotton trousers tucked into worn, leather riding boots. He wore no tie, cravat, or waistcoat. I did not think he was
wealthy, but he was dressed so well, at least in comparison to my father’s usual habiliment of denim bib overalls or chinos and striped cotton shirt, that I was taken aback.
He paused several feet before the front steps and removed his hat.
Good afternoon, ma’am” he said. He held a riding crop in his free hand, but from the look of his horse, I doubted he ever used it.
I kept my chin up, conscious of my appearance, but unwilling to acknowledge it by smoothing my hair. “Hello.”
My name is William Cavendish. I’ve just inherited an old estate nearby and wanted to make a friendly call.”
Mr. Buckley told us of your arrival just today.”
A brief silence elapsed. He crouched on his heels and stroked his hound as it came to him. Ebenezer was beside me in an instant with his hackles raised, and I quieted him with a word.
I slowly became more and more conscious of my bedraggled hair and shabby dress, and Ezra grew heavy on my hip. I set him down, but he refused to come forward, hiding himself in the folds of my skirt. Resisting the urge to smooth my tumbled hair, my hand went instead to my mouth, where Daddy had hit me with the lash. It had healed, but a scar was left, a thin line that split my top lip on the
right side. I rarely thought of it, but when I did, I was self- conscious of it.
All of this passed in a matter of moments, but each one seemed an aeon thanks to my discomfort. Mr. Cavendish smiled at Ezra.
Your little boy is bonny. It’s comely in a child, to be shy of strangers.”
This is Ezra, my brother.”
He looked confused. You are Mrs. Andrews, are you not?”
I’m Miss Andrews. Mrs. Andrews is my stepmother. You might have seen her on the porch as you approached.”
Begging your pardon. Did I frighten her away, arriving so unexpectedly?”
You didn't frighten her. She went inside to make herself presentable. We weren’t expecting company, you see.”
Even on a Saturday afternoon?”
We live too far out for it to matter.”
I see.”
He rose, his boots creaking, and made as if to swing the crop, pivoting on his heel. He turned back to me and said, “Begging your pardon, but I don’t believe I caught your
first name.”
My name is Landra,I said, managing not to grimace, for I hated my Christian name. No matter how often I said it, it felt odd and awkward in my mouth. At church, the girls who didn’t like me said it was ugly. I never signified their remarks with a reply, but I knew they spoke the truth.
My mother had pronounced my name with a soft a in her drawling Georgia accent, much as one says the word lawn. Daddy, in his smugness that I had been named after his father, pronounced it with a short a, like the word land. Neither pronunciation improved it, but I generally went with my mother’s; there was a hint of refinement in it.
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance,he replied.
He ascended the first two steps of the porch and extended his hand.
I hesitated. A young lady does not take a gentleman's hand indiscriminately, I thought, a favorite proverb of Colleen’s, yet Colleen had abandoned me, and here we were. There was no common acquaintance present to introduce us.
At last, I met him on the middle step and shook his hand.
The pleasure is mine,” I replied, bowing.
Lahn-dra,” he enunciated. “That’s mighty pretty. Don’t think I’ve encountered that one before.”
My mind flitted away for a second. His words reminded me of something. Miss Montgomery. Has a nice ring to it. You got a first name? Who had said those words? My father. My father had said them when he met my mother.

L.S. Young resides in Florida with her husband and daughter. After spending several years as a childcare worker and secondary English teacher, she turned to writing full-time.
She enjoys exploring the Suwannee River State Park, hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, swimming, and writing nature poetry. She’s an enthusiastic reader of fantasy, horror, Victorian literature, and historical fiction. Like Lizzie Bennet, she is fond of a walk and dearly loves a laugh.
Young is a member of the Historical Novel Society. A Woman so Bold is her debut novel. 


HOME by Aubrey Kendall

Title: HOME
Author: Aubrey Kendall
Genre: Military Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: January 5, 2017
Editor: Ashley McConnell
Cover Designer: Claire C @ K Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Moving into a new town as a child, Rowan befriended two boys named Greg and Mac, eventually earning the kids a nickname of the Three Musketeers. Even as they grew into adulthood, the three would continue their everlasting friendship.
Now, as adults, Greg and Rowan are married, and he has joined the military. Unexpected twists and turns take the two on a dramatic rollercoaster as Mac is on the outside looking in. 
With Mac’s hands tied behind his back, all he can do is watch and be there for his friends. As the tribulations unfold, Mac is drawn in closer and needs to find a way around his own emotions.
Will their lives be the same? Will Rowan make it through the trials of heartache and pain her new life has taken?
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S.M. KNOWLES wanted to keep her S.M. name separate for her YA Books. Aubrey Kendall is for anything that is not YA or not meant for children to read. She graduated with her Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training in 2012 and is now looking at pursuing her doctoral program. She has been writing since the age of nine, but didn’t pursue publishing until 2013. She lives in Eagle River, Alaska with her two daughters and husband.
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Celia's Connection by Gracen Miller

Celia thought she was free of her past…

Celia Tannehill just wants to live her life in peace. She’s finally out from underneath her father’s domineering thumb, or so she thought. When her past comes calling, her life is upended. Forced into an engagement she doesn’t want, she’s determined to escape her nightmare. Turning evidence on her dad to the Feds seemed like the best choice, until someone on the inside gives her up and destroys the evidence. With a bounty on her head and assassins hot on her tail, Celia makes a run for her life and stumbles upon a bear den with three sexy bear-shifters. Unfortunately, they’re her father’s biggest enemy, but can they be her salvation instead?

…until she’s sucked back into her father’s world.

Bear shifters, Nick, Dex, and Simon are on the hunt for their mate. After years of warring over property rights with Daniel Tannehill, they never thought they’d come home to find a Tannehill sleeping in their bed. It doesn’t matter that Celia is their enemy’s daughter, because the three bears aren’t willing to lose their newly found mate, at least not without a fight. But can they convince her they’re worth the gamble?

Thanks to three bear-shifters her life is about to take an exciting turn.
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Author Bio:
Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a "normal" person in southern society. When not writing, she's a full-time mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband. She has an unusual relationship with her muse, Dom, but credits all her creative success to his brilliant mind. She's addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football and coffee...addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She's convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and when blending coffee and writing together it generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs and Dom's aggressive demands. To learn more about Gracen or to leave her a comment, visit her website at

When the Reaper Comes and Giveaway by John L. DeBoer

When The Reaper Comes
by John L. DeBoer
Genre: Thriller,Suspense, Action

As the NSA gets a strong lead on one of the most prominent faces of ISIS, the Islamic State embarks on a bold course of action—an attack on American soil.
Former Navy SEAL Adam Taylor, on a break between assignments for a global paramilitary security firm, is visiting his folks in his home town when he gets a new mission—provide security for a rock star who is in town for a St. Patrick's Day concert. Unknown to Adam, a team of American ISIS soldiers will soon arrive with a plan to wreak havoc on the Jersey Shore, and Adam will get caught up in a deadly game of wits between the terrorist menace and those tasked to protect the citizens of the homeland.

   Len Briscoe loved his job. The Customs Border Protection officer grew up watching cop and PI shows on TV and had been fascinated by them. And when he discovered he had the same name as a main character in the old Law & Order series, he couldn’t have been more pleased. As a Customs agent at Port of Entry, Detroit, his career encompassed both law enforcement and, in a way, sleuthing. The best of both worlds, job-wise.
Every morning, he put on his uniform with pride and went to his station at the Ambassador Bridge, the span over the Detroit River connecting Windsor, Ontario to the Motor City, eager to fulfill his responsibilities.
On that morning, he had been on duty for an hour, when a dark blue Cobalt arrived at his checkpoint. Briscoe looked through the open driver’s side window at his next potential suspect.
“May I see your identification, sir?” Briscoe asked the olive-skinned young man. Mediterranean ancestry, he quickly assessed.
The man handed him his Canadian driver’s license and passport.
“This is a new passport, Mr. D’Agostino.”
“Yes, sir.”
“So is this your first time visiting the United States?”
“When I was a kid, I came here with my parents once. That was before the increased border security, of course.”
“What is the purpose of your visit?”
“I have a date.” The young man smiled, showing a set of white teeth. “A girl I met online. She came to Windsor for our first date, and now it’s my turn.”
Briscoe returned the smile. “Could be serious, huh?”
“You never know.”
“But serious enough to get a passport.”
“I always meant to get one. Now I have a good reason.”
Briscoe nodded as he perused the documents. “You still live at this address?”
“Yes, sir.”
“How long a stay do you anticipate?”
“I’m hoping for at least two days.” D’Agostino grinned. “You know.”
Briscoe stamped the passport. As he handed it and the license back to the man, he asked, “How do you think the Toronto Argonauts will do this year?”
D’Agostino paused for a moment before responding. “No idea. I’m not into hockey. Except for the Olympics.”
“Have a nice stay, sir.” Briscoe raised the gate, and as the man drove off, he wrote down the license number of the car and the Windsor address of the driver before he forgot it, though his memory for such details had always been excellent.
The man could just be completely ignorant of Canadian professional sports, Briscoe supposed. But a young Ontario man who didn’t know the Argonauts played football, not hockey, struck him as quite unusual.


Yusuf Khouri sighed with relief when he drove through the open checkpoint gate. The Customs guy’s question had thrown him temporarily. But he thought he’d handled it well, though the only Argonauts he’d ever heard of were in that Greek mythology story. And here he was, after all, back in the United States again.
The female voice of the GPS device told him of the next direction to take. Khouri shook his head in disgust. He knew it was just an impersonal recording. But so was the message that would chastise him when he mis-dialed a number on his phone. And those Viagra ads, with women telling men what they must do to have sex with them. American infidel men not only let women boss them around, they seemed to like it. That would certainly stop when the caliphate ruled the world.
He took the turn that would lead him to Massoud’s gun shop, excited to play his part in bringing the infidels down.

After graduating from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, I did my surgical residency in the U.S. Army at Madigan Army Medical Center, Ft. Lewis, Washington. I then spent three years in the Medical Corps as a General Surgeon before leaving the Army for private practice. Thirty years later, I retired to begin a new career as a writer. I enjoy cooking, tennis, politics, films and film history, the wonders of the cosmos, and, of course, reading. Thrillers is one of my favorite genres, so thrillers is what I like to write. My wife and I (mainly Diane) raised two sons we're proud of and who are pursuing careers having nothing to do with the medical field! After living in Pennsylvania for a number of years, Diane and I settled in North Carolina, where the winters are easy to take and the only weather we get antsy about is the occasional hurricane.