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Lovers Dance #1-5 by Deanna Roy

Forbidden Dance
Deanna Roy
(Lovers Dance, #1)
Publication date: March 28th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Shy tender Livia has always been sheltered from the vulgar world of technology, television, and social media. At nineteen, she knows little of life beyond her immediate family, church, and the Dreamcatcher Dance Academy, where she studies ballet and assists a teacher with a group of spunky, beautiful dance students in wheelchairs.

Then comes Blitz Craven, the disgraced star of Dance Blitz, a bawdy, often-censored reality show where Blitz sleeps with as many dancers as possible under the guise of finding his perfect partner. His connections lead him to Livia, where the wheelchair ballerinas are his ticket back into the public’s good graces.

Blitz takes one look at the sweet talented Livia and he wants her. But Livia isn’t as naive as she seems, and her biggest, most tender secret is not going to be unraveled by a sexy muscled dancer who stands for everything she’s ever guarded herself against.

The complete series:
Forbidden Dance (March 28, 2017)
Wounded Dance (April 14, 2017
Wicked Dance (April 28, 2017)
Tender Dance (May 12, 2017)
Final Dance (June 6, 2017)

Each book is a standalone full-length HEA.

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Author Bio:

Deanna Roy is the six-time USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and women's fiction.

She is a passionate advocate for women who have lost babies. She has several books on the subject, including her bestseller FOREVER INNOCENT, a romance about a couple whose baby is taken off life support at seven days old.

She has run the website PregnancyLoss.Info for fifteen years, including many large spin-off support groups both online and in person.

To learn about new releases, sign up for her subscriber list at She has regular giveaways in conjunction with major pregnancy loss events.

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MAYDAY Cover Reveal with C.L. Bond

Title: MAYDAY!
Author: Casey Bond writing as C.L. Bond
Genre: RomCom, Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer & Photographer: Pink Ink Designs/ Cassy Roop
Models: Becca Bryant and Daniel Wells
Editor: Stacy Sanford, The Girl with the Red Pen Expected Release Date: Feb. 22nd, 2017
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY…This is the sailing vessel Lucky Day. Vessel taking on water. Current position:  Latitude: N 14° 53' 37.7844", Longitude: W 61° 41' 57.1875". Speedboat taking on water, in need of immediate assistance. Two souls on board. No injuries. Vessel is 24 feet long, white with green striping.
MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY…This is the sailing vessel Lucky Day.
Finn Cohen isn’t a survivalist. He likes computers and internet-researched his way into the final round of contenders for a new type of reality show. The premise? Spend 30 days on a deserted island with a woman he’s never met, and pass the tests the producers give them. Sounds easy enough. He just hopes he gets stuck with the hot chick he can’t stop staring at. 
Penniless is exactly what Jessa McDaniel is. She’s living in her car, working under the table wherever she can…which, without a high school education is about all she can do. She needs to get on the show. She needs the money. Jessa is confident she can survive. She’s been doing it since she was old enough to remember. She just hopes the producers don’t put her with the stupid guy that keeps staring at her.
Will the pair last thirty days under harsh conditions? Or will the producers’ tasks have them crying Mayday sooner than we’d like?
Two souls. One goal: Sink or Swim.
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Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.
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DPR: Miami Episodes 1-5 with Allyson Gottlieb & Kassandra Kush

Title: DPR: Miami Episodes 1-5
Author: Allyson Gottlieb & Kassandra Kush
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy/Crime Drama
Cover Designer: Marisa-rose Shor of Cover Me Darling
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
In glittering Miami, vampires run the nightclubs of South Beach, werewolves roam the streets of Little Havana, and every day, crooked paranormals break the law in ways that would be unsolvable or even undetectable by ordinary police. Solving these crimes falls on the shoulders of a secret branch of the criminal justice system known as the Department of Paranormal Regulation.
Erica Campbell and Quinn Walker are the latest investigators to take up the job, only petty grudges threaten to derail their partnership before it can ever get off the ground. But they will need to learn how to put aside their rivalry and work together, because something sinister is brewing in the shadows of Miami that threatens to consume everything and everyone they care about.
This volume contains episodes 1-5 of the "thrilling new series" that's been described as "like Law & Order meets True Blood."
Growing up, Allyson was always the girl with a big imagination and even bigger dreams. A California girl by birth, she currently lives in Boston while attending Emerson College and terribly missing her fur baby, an orange tabby cat named Chloe. She has a slight addiction to Starbucks, eyeliner, and chocolate—and, of course, books. Writing has been her first love since she was seven years old, and she hopes to continue publishing for many years to come.
Kassandra dreams of returning to her hometown of Columbus, Ohio someday, and in the meantime makes do with setting most of her stories there. She comes from a huge family dominated with girls, and has a black Lab named Phineas and a cat named Philippe. While someday, surely, true love will strike her down, until then she’s happy to share all her book boyfriends with the world.
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After making a pit stop at Starbucks for a green tea Frappuccino—she couldn’t stand the taste of coffee—she got on the highway and headed north. Traffic on 95 was surprisingly light for this time of morning, and it was a relatively brief commute to the sprawling white building she called her place of work. As far as most people were concerned, this massive, window-less compound on the edge of the city belonged to Sun and Moon Security, a private security consulting firm.
It was quite literally Erica’s job to keep them from ever learning the truth.
After giving her ID to the guard at the gate and being waved through, she parked in her usual spot, killed the engine, and shrugged on her leather jacket. Before she could get inside the building, she had to swipe her ID again and submit to a fingerprint scan. Though it sometimes felt tedious, all the security was incredibly necessary—not just to keep the outside world from seeing in, but to keep some of those inside from getting out.
The main lobby was all high ceilings and white marble grandeur, with half a dozen or so soaring marble pillars guarding the entrance to the courtrooms and legal offices at the back of the building. Though she couldn’t quite see it now, Erica knew the words non nobis solibus were inscribed in the arch above the pillars; a Latin phrase, meaning not for ourselves alone. But the surroundings paled in comparison to what filled them.
Even on a random Wednesday morning, the lobby was full of people of all ages, most wearing some variation on the all-black-and-leather-jacket uniform. There were a couple of pale figures huddled together in the sun tank—vampires who’d partied a little too hard and hadn’t been able to get back home before sunrise. On the other side of the room, near bookings, two officers were struggling to pin a burly werewolf with exceptionally pronounced sideburns, flashing gold eyes and unsheathed claws, to the desk while a third jammed a needle into his neck. Another group of officers rolled in somewhat behind her, loudly discussing a recent string of robberies near the Fashion District and the possibility that it was a rogue shifter.
Business as usual in the Department of Paranormal Regulation.
Mostly, everyone was too involved in what they were doing to acknowledge the people around them, but a few gave Erica nods of greeting or polite murmurs of “Hello” or “Good morning, Investigator Campbell.” The latter still sent a little thrill down her spine, even though she’d been hearing it all summer.
Branching off to the left was the entrance to the muster rooms, where the beat cops would gather at the start of their shift to receive their assignments. A tall, security-style desk blocked most of the view, though she could hear the loud, boisterous chatting that marked duty change. She waved at the sleepy-looking desk sergeant, but then, like she had for the last three months, Erica turned right instead and headed down the hall that led to the investigators’ bullpen.
Beyond the lobby, the décor started to change, gilt and marble giving way to generic gray carpeting and fluorescent lights. Here, the mood was somewhat more subdued, investigators buried in their computers and coffee cups, or preparing to head out and chase a lead—all under the watchful eyes of the sergeants, who had their offices in a row on the far side of the room. The door to the break room was open, and Erica could smell the bitterness of freshly brewed coffee mixing with the sugary scent of donut icing.
“You’re late.” Someone hip-checked Erica from behind, startling her out of her thoughts, and she whirled around to see her best friend, Raina Reyes, holding a mug of fragrant, steaming tea.
Erica laughed, cocking a hip. “And the sky is blue. Any other keen observations you’d like to make?”
Raina’s dark brown eyes sparkled with mischief behind expertly applied liner and mascara. Her glossy black hair positively gleamed under the harsh fluorescent lights, and she wore a black halter-style top with a zipper down the middle under her leather jacket. To an outside observer, the multitude of charm bracelets circling her slim brown wrists would simply look like a fashion statement, but Erica knew they were much more than that—the stones were pathways Raina used to channel her magic.
Not everyone could tell an ordinary human from a paranormal creature, but Erica had been trained from age ten to sense the subtle otherness of those around her. With witches, it was a distinctive scent. Underneath the floral notes of her favorite rose perfume, Raina smelled like spices, herbs, and the earthy-sweet aroma of old paper. It was something of a strange combination, but Erica had grown to find it calming after all her years of being friends with Raina.
Discreetly, she took another whiff, then promptly gagged at the herbal tea scent cutting through it. “Ugh, that shit smells terrible,” she said, glaring at the offending tea.
“You do realize that’s what your drink is supposed to taste like, without the mountains of ice and whipped cream?” Raina arched one perfectly shaped eyebrow. “You’re basically drinking a milkshake. One of these days it’s going to catch up with you.”
“Impossible. Everything I eat just goes straight to these.” Erica hunched her shoulders inward to push her cleavage up and together even more than it already was, and both girls dissolved into fits of giggles.
“Your sourface partner is giving us the stinkeye,” Raina said in a low voice, when they’d both gotten the laughter out of their systems.
Now Erica made a face like she’d sucked a lemon. She didn’t dare look over to see if Raina was right, not wanting to give Quinn the satisfaction.
Erica hadn’t thought anyone could possibly be worse than her last partner as a beat cop, Mindy Hoffman—a forty-something divorcee who’d made a mid-life career switch after her husband left her. Personally, Erica could sympathize with the guy, seeing as how Mindy was built like a linebacker, wore her salt-and-pepper hair in a boy’s haircut, and had an acid tongue.
She was intelligent and physically fit enough for the job, but she and Erica had been like oil and water. She’d also been Erica’s third partner, the first two—both guys—having requested partner changes due to “inappropriate conduct.” (To be fair, she’d only slept with one of them.) Erica had been ready to pop the champagne when she got her promotion and Mindy didn’t…until she’d met her new partner, Quinn Walker.
Unlike Erica, who’d lived in Florida all her life, Quinn had only moved here a few years ago from somewhere near Nashville. Rumor had it she used to be a criminal before accepting a deal to work for the DPR in lieu of jail time—because she was a shapeshifter, which were incredibly rare in the department these days. She was pretty in a plain sort of way, with skin a few shades darker than the typical Miami tan and straight blue-black hair she always wore plaited in two Pocahontas braids. Sometimes Erica just wanted to yank out the damn rubber bands and let her hair free, as she suspected it would really soften up her long face.
Not that Quinn was about to take any fashion advice from Erica. They were the same age, but Quinn thought she was so much better than Erica just because she’d spent more time as a beat cop. The memories of their first case together still made her cringe, all these months later. It really was a miracle they hadn’t killed each other already.

Alibi Aficionado (Edwin Burrows Mystery Series) by Harvey Church

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Book Title: Alibi Aficionado (An Edwin Burrows Mystery) 
Author: Harvey Church 
Genre: Mystery/Suspense 
Release Date: February 1, 2017 
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Edwin Burrows, CPA, can’t do anything right. Not marriage, not office etiquette, not saving his boss’s daughter, not even public accounting. So when he’s tasked with constructing an alibi for the firm’s biggest client, everyone has low expectations. Including Edwin.

In Alibi Aficionado, Edwin Burrows is an accidental investigator, an accountant without tact or a filter, or any kind of interest for investigations. A cross between Myron Bolitar and Archy McNally, Edwin says, does and behaves in the strangest manner.

Cursed with an investigation that's doomed from the start, Edwin knows that everyone expects him to fail. But when the police arrest the all-important client, tensions rise at the firm and the stakes get as big as they'll ever be. Edwin must decide whether he will use his knowledge to be the hero that helps a guilty man avoid prosecution, or be a zero by telling the truth and burying the firm.



meet the author

From a young age, Harvey Church knew that writing was his destiny and, like all clichés, he wallpapered his bedroom walls with rejection slips. Discouraged by the "thank you, but..." mail, he looked to his back-up plan, which was to take a job as a banker in an industry known for lucrative bonuses and sick parties. Armed with a calculator and an appetite for expensive, LeLabo fragrances and Jack Black hair products, Harv immersed himself in his banking career and wrote inappropriate poetry to his supervisor (who ended up becoming his wife).

But, as Harv's luck goes, the housing crash and financial crisis of 2008/09 changed banking forever. The bonuses dried up, leaving Harv with no option but to use Axe products. As he hit rock-bottom in 2015, he moved into his childhood bedroom (aka he lived with his parents) and was reacquainted with the rejection-slip wall of his youth. With nothing left to lose, Harv decided to finish his wallpaper project and sent out Alibi Aficionado to a handful of literary agents but he quickly discovered rejection slips were now electronic, which didn't work for his project.

All of which is one really long story as to why he opted for self-publishing. After connecting with some real, traditionally published authors and book bloggers, Harv started to feel really good about Alibi Aficionado's commercial marketability. Certain that there was a market for his writing, he geared up for self-publication. He even contacted Kirkus Reviews and was impressed when the reviewer labelled his writing as "puerile," until he looked up the word and discovered that Merriam-Webster's normal-person translation is "silly or childish especially in a way that shows a lack of seriousness or good judgment."

Excited by a book review that so accurately assessed his personality (finally, someone understood him), Harv is now working toward his private investigator's license. He lives outside of Toronto, Canada with his often-puerile wife and two amazing children. He considers himself an amateur magician under the unsuspecting mentorship of David Blaine.

Royal Blood by Victoria Renteria

After being reunited with the only man she’s ever loved, Kylee Parker willingly returns to the hell from which she was rescued in hopes of saving others from the nightmare she endured. While attempting to find strength in this newfound power struggle, Kylee begins to question her sanity. Alexander Grant’s sole mission has been to serve his country, until the day his Goddess walked into his life and tilted his world on its axis. Having rescued her from her captors, he thought he would spend the rest of his life making up for lost time, but his world goes dark when she deliberately walks back into the hands of the underground mafia. Can Kylee survive the evil surrounding her to avenge what she has lost, or is she destined to become what her mother always wanted? Will Alex risk it all to follow her into the depths of hell, or will he uphold the oath he swore to protect his country? As Kylee and Alexander fight their way back to each other, love and honor will be put to the ultimate test in this shocking conclusion to The Betrayed Series.
Former Director for a major corporation, Victoria has spent most of her life inside of a book. When she wasn’t reading, she was busy scribbling down stories of her own. Meeting her husband while he was in the United States Army, Victoria quickly adapted and learned the role of the military spouse.
After finishing her Business Management Degree in college, she spent years working in the corporate world where her writing quickly fell to the wayside. Finally, taking time away from the corporate world, Victoria has been able to dive into her stories and create a whole new world for you to live in.
She now resides in the sunny Tampa, Florida area with her husband, son, and two amazing boxers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her on the beach or hiking. Maybe even writing on the beach . . .