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The Bressoff's of Alaska Series by Cherime Macfarlane

Alaska 1881 Dmitri suddenly finds himself married after mistakenly entering the room of young widow Camille. Camille wakes from a laudanum dream, to finds herself married to Dmitri. Camille is thrown into an emotionally charged situation in isolated Southeast Alaska. Someone wants her dead. Could it be her new husband? Can Dmitri convince his new bride that he loves her and does not want her dead?

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Book #2

Anya Bressoff thinks she has found the answer to her prayers. The man she meets in San Francisco will take her all over the world. The first place he does take her is Russia after being warned to keep her out of Russia by her father, Dmitri Bresoff.
Kidnapped, Anya finds she can only go east across Siberia to find her way home to Bressoff Island. Anya's family had no idea what has happened and are told she is dead. Will the man she overlooked still be waiting if she can get home?
The man who has loved her for most of her life is heartbroken. If she can find her way home will she be forced to resume her marriage? Anya is determined to be free of her now unwanted husband, first she must get home.

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About the Author

Meet Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author Cherime MacFarlane. A prolific multi-genre author, she has a broad range of interests that reflect her been there-done that life. Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, all sorts of characters and plots evolve from a vivid imagination. 
I came to Alaska kicking and screaming in 1976, and I never want to leave. I cut firewood on shares for money to get through the winter. I swore I would not live above the Alaska Range because it was too cold there and wound up in the Copper River Basin where it got just a cold as Fairbanks.
My second husband, a Scot from Glasgow, was the love of my life. When I write Scots dialect, I experienced hearing it from my in-laws. Each time my husband got on the phone to Scotland after five seconds, I could hardly understand a word. I was my second husband's chief mechanic's helper and roadie.
I live in a cabin which is slowly being surrounded by the city and wish I were further out. My two cats and Husky-Collie mix dog are happy in our little slice of heaven called Alaska. In the silence of winter dreams of people and places provide a rich pool of ideas to explore.

As a reporter for the Copper Valley Views, Cherime MacFarlane received a letter of commendation from the Copper River Native Association for fair and balanced reporting.
Cherime won the Hardest Working Author Award from Author Classified.

Amazon Best Selling in Anthologies and Holidays, and Fantasy Anthologies and Short Stories.
What readers think; Listopia: Highland Light #2 in Scotland the Brave and then some. Wired For Sound #3 Best Indie Romance Suspense. The Twisted Laird #1 in Great Scots. Snagged #2 Best of Religious and Inspirational Fiction 2014. Stalking Red #2 Romance With Strong Contemporary Females and #3 Western and Native American Romance. Deirdre of the Sorrows #3 Best Traumatized Heroine. Then They Were Six #2 Best Sweet Romance Books. Heart of the Hunter #2 Army Men and Women of Romance. Cougar Hunt #1 Addiction Romances.

You can find me on FaceBook at I also blog at cherimemacfarlane.wordpress (remember to add .com, this is also cut and paste).

Fixing Souls Series by LJ SeXton

It Has A Cliffhanger! Contains triggers

Ethan Trenton – Bad boy but also a fierce protector,
single father who protects those he cares about. Never one to walk away from trouble can he try and keep the peace in order to protect someone he wants?

Nevaeh Johnson – sweet girl that has been beat down by life and a man she thought she loved. Trying to find away out of her hellish life alive.

Growing up Navaeh always looked at Ethan as a hero, seeing the way he protected his little brother Jared. Now that she needs protection will she be able to count on him to help her? Will his protection come at a cost to not only her but his family also?

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 It has a Cliffhanger!! 

 Ethan is in a race to find his brother and the girl he tryed to save. When trying to find answers to where the physco that has them, he finds out a few secrets along the way. Will Ethan get Nevaeh or will she leave him BROKEN?

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It's been year since Nevaeh left her hometown and the man who tried to love her.She was guilt ridden over the events that occured when she asked for his help. Now she has to return home and say goodbye to her father.

Ethan has spent the last year raising his daughter and taking care of his brother. He's also been trying to forget the girl he left.

When she returns to her hometown they come face to face.

Meanwhile Devon is trying to make Jared see truly loves him but theres one obstacle that Devon can't get out of the way. Will they stay Broken or be Pieced 2Gether?

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Nevaeh is happier than she has ever been in her life. She has the man of her dreams. Her hero, Ethan. Ethan has all a man could want; a smart, funny, beautiful daughter and the woman who loves him...Nevaeh. While Devon and Jared are still struggling. Devon is still unclear about the events of the night Jared showed up at his house, and Joey was there.

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About the Author:

I write erotic romance.
Born and raised in Michigan right outside of Detroit. I have two adult daughters and a chihuahua who is more needy then my girls ever were. I have loved to read and write fiction stories since I was in elementary school.

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Phoenix Rising by Madison Granger

 Torie Masters is a curvy, middle-aged, divorcee with a normal job and family life. Her penchant for paranormal romances leaves her longing for the day she will meet the man who will sweep her off of her feet. She’s been dreaming a long time.
Quinn McGrath is Liege Lord to a centuries old clan of shapeshifters known as The Kindred. All have been promised a destined mate by the Goddess. He has all but given up finding his.
Sparks fly when Quinn meets Torie. Could his ‘Promised Soul’ finally be real? The eternal mates might not stand a chance as man and nature work against them. From assassination attempts to a devastating hurricane, their future is put to the test across the globe. Is their bond strong enough to see them through to forever?

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 Holding hands, they walked along the paved path until they came to a bench in the shade, and then sat down close together. Quinn draped his arm over Torie’s shoulder. When she didn't protest, the knot in his chest loosened and he pulled her in closer.
Butterflies were taking flight in Torie’s stomach. Her heart was racing. Never had she felt like this from just the touch of a man, but this was an extraordinary man.
Bending his head down closer to her ear, he whispered softly, “I wish I did not have to leave today. The small amount of time we have had together has been incredible.” He placed a gentle kiss on her temple.
Torie was stunned by his words. ‘Was he truly enjoying their time together as much as she was?’ She sat next to Quinn on the bench with her hands lying quietly in her lap. “I've enjoyed our time together too,” gazing into his lash-fringed blue eyes. “You'll be back though, won't you?” she asked, unable to keep the uncertainty from her voice.
With a soft growl of assurance he vowed, “Nothing could keep me away.”
Cupping her face with his free hand, he lowered his lips to hers, leaving a feather light kiss. Torie was blindsided by the electricity in that soft kiss. Trying not to moan, and failing, her shuddering inhale encouraged Quinn to kiss her again. When her lips parted, his tongue darted into her mouth, claiming hers. This time there was nothing light or soft about it. He kissed her like he wanted to consume her, slanting his mouth over hers, crushing her to him.
Torie clutched his shirt with her fists through the onslaught of emotions running through her. Long forgotten feelings of lust, passion, and brand new sensations, yet to be named, vied for dominion both mentally and physically. Torie returned his kiss with equal fervor. Finally breaking the kiss to come up for air, they sat turned towards each other. Quinn bowed his head, his forehead touching Torie’s. He reached for her hands. Holding them firmly in his larger ones, his thumbs slowly circled over the tops of her soft hands.
I will not apologize for kissing you,” Quinn proclaimed in a low voice.
I'm glad for that. I would hate to think you regretted it,” Torie whispered back.
Never, mo cridhe. No regrets.” He exhaled a deep breath.

About the Author:

Madison Granger is a free spirited late bloomer that stubbornly believes dreams can come true, never giving up, and you’re never too old to try new things. She proved that to herself, and others, when at the age of 30, she got her first horse and went on to become a three-time National Champion in the show ring.
Always found with her nose stuck a book from an early age, Madison had never tried her hand at writing other than an occasional collaboration article for a horse magazine or a personal blog on MySpace. After having a story in her head for over three years, she has written her first book, and is now well on her way to creating a series for her beloved Kindred warriors. Her muse keeps her busy, introducing her to new characters. The struggle is real, forcing her to break away and jot down short stories for future use.
Madison lives in southern Louisiana. Working full time as a secretary, she still manages to find time to write. When not working or writing, Madison enjoys reading, cheering on the New Orleans Saints, and spending time with friends and family.

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Kisses Fall and Falling into Love by Sascha Illyvich


Éva woke, her heart feeling heavy once she looked around and saw nothing in the early hours of the new day.
She shot up, blinked, shook her head and saw all was as it should be. Lying back down, she closed her eyes, saw wild red hair as bright as a flame, heard female laughter and then, nothing.
Her breathing slowed and the next thing she knew, she saw an image that made her gasp. Her tall stranger made himself visible in broad daylight. His waist length hair had been stained with blood.
His tattered shirt had a hole in it, blood oozed from a gaping wound in his chest. He met her gaze, his eyes piercing hers, begging for help.
She tried to rush to him, but found herself unable to move.
She screamed.
He lifted his head, reached into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. Sliding them on, he met her stare once again. She knew the look, predatory victory.
Then his features seemed to disappear.
Others walked past them, more wolves, more humans. They all ignored the dying wolf on the ground before her.
The scenery changed.
He stood tall, shotgun in hand. “You’re next, wolf.”
She tried to scream again but no sound came out.
He pointed the gun at her, cocked it
Blood pumped through her body, her brain yelled at her to move, do something. Anything. She remained frozen. Her heart pounded furiously, her mind continued barking commands at her, but then the world went blank at the sound of a click.
She jolted awake, found her fingers clutching Janika, only stopping when she heard him whimper.
Francba.” She let go of his thigh, patted the spot to check for wounds. Finding none, she realized her hands were clammy, her skin, cold.
Except she wasn’t back in her bedroom, she’d been in a village somewhere remote and the stranger still stood, gun pointed at her.
“You’re next.”
She cocked a brow. Oh, now she could move. What the hell was going on? “What do you mean, wolf? I’m next? And why did you call me a wolf?”
Rich, dark laughter poured from her assailant.
Except he was back on the ground again. What the fuck was going on?
The stranger lifted his head and smiled. “You’re more than you think, Éva.”
His deep voice rasped and rumbled through her. He coughed and spat blood. Yet he smiled. Intuitively, she knew that smile was for her, wasn’t threatening. Nothing seemed to make sense.
“You know my name? What is going on? What do you mean?” Éva’s shoulders tightened. She tried again to move but couldn’t. Panic set in. Her head pounded, words she’d never heard echoing loudly in her head by voices she couldn’t place. A man, two women, screaming at her to use her power to save the stranger, bring him back and take this hunter out quickly before he killed her.
The assailant took a step closer. “I’ll be the one to eliminate all the wolves in this wretched world.”
It took her a long second to realize the trick being played on her. Two beings, one definitely a wolf, the other?
Who the hell knew?
The gray cloak he wore bore familiarity. The gun, larger than life now, pointed straight at her chest.
Éva struggled to breathe, pull air into her lungs and move but her limbs refused to obey her commands. She shut her eyes, pulled magic into her body and waited for it to gather in strength.
A heavy fog settled around her, blacking out her magic. Something was definitely wrong. That had never happened before.
She made an effort to use the wind to dissipate the fog but nothing happened.
Her eyes flew open and she saw the final outcome. Her last words, “Oh my goddess, no!” echoed loudly

~~ Have you been kissed by the Hungarian Fertility Goddess? 
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She pulled out a pack of matches, removed one, lit it, and set it in the matchbox so it would ignite the rest of the pack. Then she tossed it on the cotton cloth she’d used as a lean-to cover, and watched it catch.
Black smoke rose up from the fire, adding the smell of burnt clothing to the humid air and making Megan’s nose twitch.
A cool breeze blew by her again, making her shiver.
She spun around and found herself face to face with Aliyah.
The tall, slender Noble looked regal as ever. High cheek bones, a long, Greek nose, and pale skin that stood out against the black of her robe. Her eyes burned lime green, exactly like Les’s, only both her eyes held that color, not just the one. Dark hair hung straight down the sides of her face, drawing attention to her rather ample chest and slender hips, if one followed the lines of her body.
“Going somewhere, Czigany?
Megan shuddered. How she hated her birth name with a passion. “No.” She shook her head. “Destroying evidence for my cover story.”
Aliyah’s eyebrow rose. “Cover story?”
“Yes. You want the books in possession by the Opeth Pack, I’m going to get in and get them with minimal causalities.”
Aliyah nodded. “Good. Good. What cover story are you trying to sell?”
As if it wasn’t obvious. “Escaped prisoner.”
The Noble put a hand to her chin, closed her eyes and nodded. “Yes, yes I can see that. Banged up, abused somewhat, tired. Am I right?”
Megan nodded.
“But you’re going to heal before you cross the distance to the village, are you not?”
Megan shook her head. Hopefully she wouldn’t heal, but her strength compared to other wolves remained higher thanks to training. “No, my Mistress.”
“I should hope not.” The Noble stepped closer, reaching one wispy arm out toward Megan. “Because if you fail, I cannot express to you our disappointment in you.”
Again, Megan nodded. “I understand, my Mistress.”
“Good.” Aliyah gripped Megan’s chin, her eyes becoming clouded with a malicious look she got when she wanted to play with her toys, “Because I wouldn’t want you to feel my disappointment.”
“No Mistress.” Megan struggled to stand, feeling power leave her from the Noble draining her. “Never.” Terror settled in the pit of her stomach, a roiling sensation that caused her nerves to be on alert for whatever was coming.
“Good. I’m glad we understand each other. And to help you,” Aliyah pulled her hand back, a ball of light forming around her fingers, “I’ll give you this gift.”
Before Megan could defend against the hit, energy slammed into her, knocking her back against the tree she’d banged her head on earlier.
A moment later, Megan forced herself to her feet, aware she’d overstepped protocol, but unable to care. She needed to find her strength.
“You’re doing it again, Czigany.
“Not on purpose Mistress. A solider cannot be kept down until…” She coughed blood and wiped her mouth. She probably had internal bruising that would slow the healing process for sure. Hell, she’d probably broken a rib or two by now.
“Until said soldier is dead. You remember that and don’t die on us, okay? I’d hate to lose my pretty, little pet.”
Before Megan could respond, she fell to her knees and coughed up more blood. Her vision blurred, body ached. Yeah, the wounds would definitely heal slowly. If she wasn’t mistaken, she probably needed a pack healer to aid in fixing her wounds.
Her lungs burned from the pain and a sharp jolt jabbed her, affirming that she had probably broken a rib, and it nearly punctured a lung.
Megan looked up, tears in her eyes, blood dripping down her face, and she found no sight of Aliyah.
One more coughing fit forced out more blood than Megan thought she could lose from her system, but she forced herself to stand, using the nearby tree for help. With her vision still cloudy, she forced one foot in front of the other until she stumbled over loose branches and almost fell into the smoldering ashes from the fire she’d lit.
She could do this. She could free herself.
Even death had to be better than being enslaved by the Nobles.
The first rays of sunlight appeared, lighting up the forest where Megan had made her camp. Time to move.
Taking only what would make her look like a refugee, Megan horded the few knives she knew had fresh blood on the blades, sheathing them in her boots while she struggled to make her way toward the Opeth Pack village. If she approached the women, probably not the redhead standing next to the Alpha, she looked too cunning, but maybe one of the younger women, she could convince them she was running from the Hunters.
They had been spotted in this territory. Six months back they came looking for Opeth Pack wolves, but Les’s magic drove them away.
She followed them on the off chance they’d lead her to something interesting, but they merely harassed another village of wolves before being run off.
Megan then made the decision to return to the Nobles with what information she had.
The Opeth Pack had been successful in finding more members. This wasn’t good for the Nobles, not that Megan really cared. She simply wanted out. Her only play had been to work with them for her freedom.
Stumbling through the forest took forever, and she’d tripped more than her fair share of times, landing on her face and grunting each time she forced herself back to her feet. If the warm drums could pound and she could hear them, she could march to her destination.
By the time she made it to the clearing outside the village, she’d been covered in more than blood. Dirt and grass stained her clothing, making her smell more like forest than anything else. Yes, they’d pick up her lupine scent; that much was obvious. But nothing else would be easily discernable amongst the blood and damage from her self-inflicted wounds.
Breathing had grown more difficult, and by the time she made her way to the entrance of the village, she barely registered the wood and stucco houses with their antique look.
“Hello? Hey you there! Are you—oh my goddess, you’re hurt!”
Megan looked up, gripped her thighs to force herself upright, and her stomach lurched when she saw who headed her way. Oh no. No, this wasn’t good. Not her.
Vision faded, came back, and Megan found herself falling to her knees before two pairs of hands grabbed her and hoisted her up to her feet.
“Be careful with her please. She’s wounded.”
The voice sounded so sweet, so much like heaven, Megan could easily get lost in her words. “Keep talking, please.”
“What? You can talk? You’re in terrible shape. Don’t talk. Conserve your strength, honey. We’re going to treat you right away.”
Megan thought she nodded, couldn’t remember. In fact, the lead weight of her body made her head feel heavy, her heart more so by the presence of that beautiful woman she’d spotted yesterday.
Soft hands held her firmly until she felt herself being pushed down onto something flat and somewhat hard.
“Don’t move, baby. We’re going to take care of you. Right Sziga?”

 Opeth Pack Saga -

About the Author: 

 Sascha, who was proclaimed by the publishing industry as The Gentleman Playboy of Romance, started writing seventeen years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under Night Owl Romance’s and Road to Romance’s Recommended read lists, and he’s been nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio. Recently, Torn to Pieces was a USA TODAY Recommended Read.

Sascha is a trained and experienced public speaker, and enjoys giving talks and teaching, particularly on aspects of romance, erotic romance, and writing. He was the former host of The Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata, and is fond of doing guest spots and interviews, on both traditional radio and podcasts.

Sascha writes for WolfPack Publishing, Assent Publishing, Red Sage, Secret Cravings Publishing, Sizzler Editions, Totally Bound, and Decadent Publishing.