Monday, September 26, 2016

Phoenix Rising by Madison Granger

 Torie Masters is a curvy, middle-aged, divorcee with a normal job and family life. Her penchant for paranormal romances leaves her longing for the day she will meet the man who will sweep her off of her feet. She’s been dreaming a long time.
Quinn McGrath is Liege Lord to a centuries old clan of shapeshifters known as The Kindred. All have been promised a destined mate by the Goddess. He has all but given up finding his.
Sparks fly when Quinn meets Torie. Could his ‘Promised Soul’ finally be real? The eternal mates might not stand a chance as man and nature work against them. From assassination attempts to a devastating hurricane, their future is put to the test across the globe. Is their bond strong enough to see them through to forever?

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 Holding hands, they walked along the paved path until they came to a bench in the shade, and then sat down close together. Quinn draped his arm over Torie’s shoulder. When she didn't protest, the knot in his chest loosened and he pulled her in closer.
Butterflies were taking flight in Torie’s stomach. Her heart was racing. Never had she felt like this from just the touch of a man, but this was an extraordinary man.
Bending his head down closer to her ear, he whispered softly, “I wish I did not have to leave today. The small amount of time we have had together has been incredible.” He placed a gentle kiss on her temple.
Torie was stunned by his words. ‘Was he truly enjoying their time together as much as she was?’ She sat next to Quinn on the bench with her hands lying quietly in her lap. “I've enjoyed our time together too,” gazing into his lash-fringed blue eyes. “You'll be back though, won't you?” she asked, unable to keep the uncertainty from her voice.
With a soft growl of assurance he vowed, “Nothing could keep me away.”
Cupping her face with his free hand, he lowered his lips to hers, leaving a feather light kiss. Torie was blindsided by the electricity in that soft kiss. Trying not to moan, and failing, her shuddering inhale encouraged Quinn to kiss her again. When her lips parted, his tongue darted into her mouth, claiming hers. This time there was nothing light or soft about it. He kissed her like he wanted to consume her, slanting his mouth over hers, crushing her to him.
Torie clutched his shirt with her fists through the onslaught of emotions running through her. Long forgotten feelings of lust, passion, and brand new sensations, yet to be named, vied for dominion both mentally and physically. Torie returned his kiss with equal fervor. Finally breaking the kiss to come up for air, they sat turned towards each other. Quinn bowed his head, his forehead touching Torie’s. He reached for her hands. Holding them firmly in his larger ones, his thumbs slowly circled over the tops of her soft hands.
I will not apologize for kissing you,” Quinn proclaimed in a low voice.
I'm glad for that. I would hate to think you regretted it,” Torie whispered back.
Never, mo cridhe. No regrets.” He exhaled a deep breath.

About the Author:

Madison Granger is a free spirited late bloomer that stubbornly believes dreams can come true, never giving up, and you’re never too old to try new things. She proved that to herself, and others, when at the age of 30, she got her first horse and went on to become a three-time National Champion in the show ring.
Always found with her nose stuck a book from an early age, Madison had never tried her hand at writing other than an occasional collaboration article for a horse magazine or a personal blog on MySpace. After having a story in her head for over three years, she has written her first book, and is now well on her way to creating a series for her beloved Kindred warriors. Her muse keeps her busy, introducing her to new characters. The struggle is real, forcing her to break away and jot down short stories for future use.
Madison lives in southern Louisiana. Working full time as a secretary, she still manages to find time to write. When not working or writing, Madison enjoys reading, cheering on the New Orleans Saints, and spending time with friends and family.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me and Phoenix Rising on your blog. The second installment of the Kindred series, Eternal Embrace, will be out in early 2017. Keep an eye out! ~ Madison Granger

    1. You are very welcome, need me again you got me