Monday, September 26, 2016

Fixing Souls Series by LJ SeXton

It Has A Cliffhanger! Contains triggers

Ethan Trenton – Bad boy but also a fierce protector,
single father who protects those he cares about. Never one to walk away from trouble can he try and keep the peace in order to protect someone he wants?

Nevaeh Johnson – sweet girl that has been beat down by life and a man she thought she loved. Trying to find away out of her hellish life alive.

Growing up Navaeh always looked at Ethan as a hero, seeing the way he protected his little brother Jared. Now that she needs protection will she be able to count on him to help her? Will his protection come at a cost to not only her but his family also?

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 It has a Cliffhanger!! 

 Ethan is in a race to find his brother and the girl he tryed to save. When trying to find answers to where the physco that has them, he finds out a few secrets along the way. Will Ethan get Nevaeh or will she leave him BROKEN?

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It's been year since Nevaeh left her hometown and the man who tried to love her.She was guilt ridden over the events that occured when she asked for his help. Now she has to return home and say goodbye to her father.

Ethan has spent the last year raising his daughter and taking care of his brother. He's also been trying to forget the girl he left.

When she returns to her hometown they come face to face.

Meanwhile Devon is trying to make Jared see truly loves him but theres one obstacle that Devon can't get out of the way. Will they stay Broken or be Pieced 2Gether?

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Nevaeh is happier than she has ever been in her life. She has the man of her dreams. Her hero, Ethan. Ethan has all a man could want; a smart, funny, beautiful daughter and the woman who loves him...Nevaeh. While Devon and Jared are still struggling. Devon is still unclear about the events of the night Jared showed up at his house, and Joey was there.

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About the Author:

I write erotic romance.
Born and raised in Michigan right outside of Detroit. I have two adult daughters and a chihuahua who is more needy then my girls ever were. I have loved to read and write fiction stories since I was in elementary school.

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