Sunday, September 25, 2016

All She Wanted by Kathryn Jane

The only thing standing between Angie and her happily ever after is the stubborn man she’s in love with… and a group of deadly criminals.
She loves him
Angie has guarded the identity of her son’s father for fourteen years, but lately, her wish for them to live like a real family has been growing legs. Pushing gently isn’t working, so it’s time to up the ante.
He loves her
Dr. Matthias Alejandro Martinez is used to things as they are. His ground-breaking research keeps him busy and gives his life purpose while he remains invisible to the real world. Angie and their stolen moments together are the icing on his cake, until she wants more than he can give.
It’s complicated
Angie’s plans are interrupted by a deadly threat to her brother’s children, and all Meyers energy is directed toward taking down a group of organized criminals with strange and unexpected bedfellows.

 Chapter 1
“I. Don’t. Do. Christmas.”
Angie resisted the impulse to argue. Their relationship had been on his terms for years and for a very good reason. But this time Dr. Matthias Alejandro Martinez was just being stubborn.
And she still had four months to strategize. To convince him how important it was to spend Christmas at the ranch with her and their son. Until now, she’d never argued, never asked for anything, believed she had no choice but to go along with him because that’s what you did when you were in love with a heart-stoppingly gorgeous man who didn’t exist in the real world.
“Are we good here?”
Oh, not by a long shot, pal. “You know I have to be gone, like, ten minutes ago.”
He reached out with the sureness of an old lover and ran a fingertip along her jawbone, cupped her chin. “Will you kiss me goodbye?”
He always asked, never took. And, dammit, she couldn’t look into those serious blue eyes and deny the man anything. He’d been making her crazy for years, why would it change now? She lifted to her tiptoes, and slid her fingers into the thick, unruly hair brushing the back of his white collar. “I hate you,” she said and dragged his mouth down to hers.
“I know.” Hands on her butt, he lifted her off her feet, and just when she was afraid the top of her head was going to blow off, the vibration of his cell made her groan.
“You programmed that, didn’t you?”
He set her down with a sexy chuckle and slipped on heavy black-rimmed glasses to check the display. “I have to take this.”
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 Kathryn Jane writes the popular Intrepid Women Series. Novels filled with mystery, suspense, adventure, psychic abilities, and romance. Think MacGyver, Criminal Minds, and James Bond…with a dash of I Love Lucy. Kickass women and the men who dare to love them.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to your followers, Dee!

    And I'm thrilled that you shared a picture of Bear. He's been my assistant for 15 years! Always there with me when I'm writing, but just last week, he left me to join his brother who'd passed away just over a year ago. My heart has a terrible hole in it now.

    Animals have always been very important in my life, and are the same for my characters. In All She Wanted, there are dogs, cats, and even horses sharing the lives of the hot man on the cover, the love of his life, and their son.