Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dark Desires by Samantha Powers

 Dark Desires:  A Billionaire Menage
Erotic Romance

Smoke curled upward from the unfinished cigar sitting in the ashtray. Lights flashed on the dance floor and the patrons adjusted their swaying to the softer rhythm of the music.
Once she heard the unmistakable pop of her skirt’s snap, felt the slide of the zipper go down, Raven’s mouth had gone dry at the prospect of being stripped for the world to see.
Nudity with partners was one thing, but this was a public place. Of course it was the last place she expected to be playing with her boss and his partner but hey, she only had one life to live.
“What do you want from me?”
Alex leaned in close, Romyn closer.  Power surrounded her, along with that thing that was pure, raw, unadulterated masculinity. “We simply find you very attractive, my dear. So, which is it? Or will you turn down the challenge, so soon after dropping the gauntlet?”
Raven let out a ladylike snort. She turned to face Alex, aware that she was unconsciously lifting up her ass to let Romyn slide her skirt down her thighs. Her eyes narrowed while she shifted in the tiny space of the booth. Her lips pursed and nostrils flared. “I never turn down a challenge, Mr. Hamilton. You should know better.” She jabbed a finger into his massive chest for emphasis.
“Call me Alex. And don’t make me tell you again.” He smiled, picked up the cigar, took a puff and let the smoke spiral upward and away before returning those lust-filled eyes on Raven. “And I’m glad you didn’t turn down our challenge. I’d hate to see that someone we hired lacked follow-through. Stand, Raven.”
Someone moved the table forward, giving her slightly more room. She got to her feet and grabbed at the table when teeth nipped her ass. Romyn.
Wriggling her hips into the mouth pressed against her hip, she groaned low enough that only Alex could hear her.
Leaning forward, Alex’s dangerous eyes focused solely on Raven’s before their lips met. Romyn’s finger slid between her ass cheeks, causing her to gasp.
She started to turn around, but Alex caught her by the chin. His lips pressed into hers again.
Intellectually, she knew she’d get burned if she didn’t control this right now. But physically, the feel of Romyn behind her stoked her libido, and the taste of scotch and cigar on Alex’s lips melded with hers so well. His tongue slipped past her lips, caressing hers, stroking in while she gripped his shoulders.
Closing her eyes, Raven inhaled the earthen coffee and caramel scents that were Alex’s.
Romyn’s finger traced up her crack.
She moved, bumping the table with her hip.
Two fingers pressed against the wet material of her thong.
She groaned in agony at the feel of his fingers probing her, while Alex’s tongue did the same to her mouth.
Alex cupped the underside of her breast.
She moaned louder before pulling back from the kiss. Inhaling sharply at the continued pressure against her pussy, she leaned forward and nipped Alex’s lower lip with her teeth.
His eyes widened as though she’d startled him.
She let out a smoky laugh. “I am not a helpless woman to be toyed with.”
“Oh,” Alex nipped her chin and passed his thumb over her aching nipple, “you’re most definitely not helpless.”
A small shudder raced through her. Now the fingers inside her had filled her completely. Frozen in place by Romyn’s knowing hand, Raven waited, breathless, for his next move.
Alex nibbled down the line of her jaw, over her neck.
Feeling the first signs of orgasm building, Raven’s pussy clutched at the fingers moving inside her. If he didn’t stop, she’d come, and she didn’t want to do that here at the club. It would give them too much power to know they brought her to orgasm so quickly.
Before she could react, a thumb pressed past the material of her thong into her tight asshole.
Rational thought fled. She squirmed, unable to remember that she was in public, concentrating solely on the fingers inside her, the thumb pressing deeper into her ass, and Alex’s lips on her neck, suckling.
Panting, undulating her hips in tune with the beat of the song and Romyn’s fingers, Raven let herself feel. Slowly the two men worked her into a frenzy. Alex’s teeth nipped lower on her throat while another sound caught her attention.
The clatter of buttons bouncing on the table echoed loudly in her ears. She gasped when her blouse gaped open.
“I’ll replace it. I pay your salary, Raven. Do not worry about it.”  Alex sounded so sure, confident, and strong that Raven thought she could lose herself in the sound of his voice.
Weakly, she nodded. She looked at him through half open eyes, the first rush of orgasm spreading from low in her belly. Hunger for release spiked her arousal even higher.
Biting down on her lower lip, she suppressed a cry.
Alex continued nibbling along her neck until he slid a hand inside her shirt and cupped her breast. Sweeping the cloak aside, Romyn bit her ass while his fingers continued to work her, leaving her panting.

 Author Bio:

Samantha Powers is the pen name of a writer from Texas, originally interested in romance, but who got sucked into menage. Are the stories based on reality or just made up? You will have to ask her. Under various other names, Samantha has edited technical documents, ghost written, had work span multiple genres in romance, and now has settled on pushing boundaries in romance–starting with the billionaire bad boy.  Growing up reading Christine Feehan, Julie Leto, Kate Douglas and other authors who wrote from the heart made Samantha want to put her own love stories onto paper and share them with the world in hopes that others would find true love. 

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