Monday, September 19, 2016

Kate by Krihstin Zink

A Paranormal Lustmance
pre-order .99 cents available October 3 of 2016

Warning: For mature audiences (18+ only).
A standalone spinoff novella.

Kate had a demonic mission to complete . . . but she failed to do as told. Thadeus, Kate's demon-commander, has instructions to keep her on task.

Kate would do anything to feed her hunger, but will she cooperate long enough to keep Thadeus's punishment at bay?



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About the Author:

Krihstin Zink is the bestselling author of Scarlet's Torment and Scarlet Unleashed. When she's not adventuring with her family, she's concocting charismatic stories that keep her fans coming back for more. 

Other books by Krihstin Zink:

 KZ's contact info:
Instagram: @krihstin
Twitter: @AuthorKZink

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